Now on Facebook
12:30 PM | Author: Shawn Carter

The Knitting Knuts of Colorado are now on! I've invited most of you who are already on Facebook to the group and hope to see you all jump on there and get posting. I can't believe we haven't done this sooner. There are quite a few interaction features on there including (another) forum, a wall for random fun posts, a photo gallery that everyone can upload to (eventually) and a video section. All of our events will also go onto the calendar there and on our Yahoo! Groups page so that you all can stay updated. 

So head over and check it out. If you're on Facebook and I haven't added you to the group site or maybe you're on Facebook and you're missing some knitting friends who should be on your friends list (he he he) feel free to add away on there. Also, I've got the group set as a "closed group" for right now so that I have an opportunity to take note of each new member we add on there. Until that gets to be too big a job, we'll keep it that way. It won't limit our viewability to interested Facebookers but it will let us know when they decide to join up so that we can welcome them.

9:59 PM | Author: Shawn Carter
And for your weekly location update-

Borders, located in the Southwest Plaza Mall on the east side, say around 6:30pm-ish.

We will only have an open cafe until 8, so plan on getting your drinks early and parking it wherever we set up shop. I should be talking to the manager this week just to clarify and then I'll be there a bit early with Jan to setup. You all may show as early as you like. Duh. Lol

See ya monday!
New Location
3:16 PM | Author: Shawn Carter

Hey gang,

Just a quick post to let everyone know that we will be changing the group's meeting place to IHOP on Bowles and Wadsworth-ish right across the street from our old location of Barnes and Noble. Most of you will remember it as we were meeting there a little under a year ago. Or maybe it was exactly a year ago. Either way, that's where we will be at next week. Keep your eyes peeled for new locations in the following weeks as we will be trying out some new places. 
Knitting Dec 22nd and Gift Swap
9:10 PM | Author: Shawn Carter
Hey all. Sorry for the lateness of the post, but just a quick update. We will be at the IHOP on Bowles across from Barnes and Noble on Wadsworth. We also will be doing the gift swap that night since last week didn't work out so well. For those of you participating, bring one skein of yarn and a pattern that works with that yarn. We'll do the swap that night. And that's about it. I'm posting this on Ravelry, Yahoo, and the blog. Feel free to discuss it on any of those sites.